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Who We are

We are a small team of passionate and experienced consultants who want to see people with disabilities and their families live their best lives.

We believe that knowledge is power and that participants can be empowered to take control of their NDIS funding to get the supports they need and deserve.

Our mission

We assist NDIS participants to maximize their funding and achieve their goals by providing personalized capacity building supports and training.

Our vision

To provide NDIS participants with more choice and control over their funding and services.


Achieve Your Goals!

About Us

CAPACITY ASSIST provides NDIS participants with capacity building support to achieve their goals. We show participants how to maximize their funding and/or engage services that meet their needs.

OUR SERVICES are ideal for those participants who don’t have approved support coordination in their plan (currently, 60% of participants) and/or, those who are self-managing for the first time.

Many people don’t realize that NDIS funding can be life changing. It really can give you the flexibility and freedom to live the life you choose and deserve.

Yet navigating the maze of services out there; can be frustrating and confusing

The GOOD NEWS is that we are here to help you understand your NDIS Plan and explore options that meet your needs.

Anthea has a Bachelor of Social Work Degree and currently works as Support Coordinator for another NDIA provider. She is also the sole parent of a child with a disability and so understands the challenges that people with disabilities and their families face trying to get their basic needs met.

Haq has a Bachelor of Accounting and a Diploma in Community Services. He currently works as a disability support worker and is multilingual. Collectively, we have many years of experience working in this sector.

29% of NDIS funding goes unspent!

Reference: NDIS Quarterly Report 01 Oct 2020 - 31 Mar 2021


Most people aren't aware of the full extent of services that may
be purchased and/or have difficulty finding the services they

What we offer :

  • Access to training and resources to help you understand the supports in your plan, explore your options and develop a personalized budget that meets your needs.
  • Support to understand the NDIS Pricing Arrangements;
  • Support with engaging service providers and ensuring that they meet quality and safeguarding standards;
  • Individual consultancy, coaching and mentoring to help you make the most of your NDIA funding and achieve your goals.


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